Our system automatically generates a cookie for you when you visit this site. Currently this cookie contains two system-generated codes:

  1. session id
  2. cross-site request forgery (CSRF) token

A CSRF token is a security measure used to protect authenticated (i.e. logged in) users against malicious third party code from inducing the user to inadvertently perform some undesired action that they have privileges to perform, e.g. deleting data from their account or, in this site’s case, deleting news articles, photos, etc. Since this site doesn’t currently allow ordinary visitors to sign up as authenticated users, the CSRF token really only applies to site administrators. But since it’s a built in feature of the site’s software, it’s generated for all users by default. That’s why it’s in your cookie.

We don’t store or track any other information about your visit, either in the cookie or in our system, not even non-identifiable information. Therefore it goes without saying that we don’t pass any information to third parties either – there is none to pass.

The cookie expires when your session ends, i.e. when you quit your browser application.

Third party cookies

The only third party cookies that are created when you visit this site are from Google Analytics. This site uses Google Analytics to get an insight into how visitors typically use our site. For example, we like to see what pages are the most and least used, what kind of devices people use to access the site, and so on. This helps us make decisions about how to improve the site in future. This information is only available to us at an aggregate level, that is we cannot identify individual visitors.

For more information about Google Analytics and your privacy, click here.

Managing cookies

You can choose to disable cookies in your web browser. Doing so will not affect your browsing experience on this web site. For more information, see www.aboutcookies.org.