MP fights to retain bus service in Dyserth

Dr James Davies MP recently attended a community meeting held in Dyserth to oppose the planned withdrawal of the number 35 and 36 bus from servicing Dyserth High Street.

Cllr David Williams and Richard Walliker called the meeting and representatives from Arriva and Denbighshire County Council were also in attendance.

The 35 and 36 bus routes are commercial services and receive no funding from the local authority.

Around 70 people were present and concerns were raised regarding the elderly population of Dyserth who rely heavily on the bus services, including to visit the doctors’ surgery, local shops and pharmacy.

A petition has already gathered over 550 signatures.

Arriva deregistered the High Street section of the route last year and plans to stop this part of the service from 26th March. The routes will still service Waterfall Road.

Len Cater from Arriva explained that there were a number of issues which led to the decision being taken, including congestion in the High Street and relatively low user figures.

Numerous suggestions were made to allow the continuation of services, including widening the road at the main pinch points in the High Street, reducing the frequency of the services, and limiting the number of stops along the route to minimise congestion.

Arriva pledged to investigate the suggestions that might be adopted in the interim to prevent the immediate cancellation of the service and Denbighshire County Council representatives agreed to look at the more long term solutions including the required alterations needed to the highway to ease congestion.

Dr James Davies MP said ‘the excellent turnout illustrated the strong views of Dyserth residents about the proposed changes to the service. These bus routes are a lifeline to many people who would not otherwise be able to easily reach their doctors’ surgery or local shops.’

Yesterday, a follow-up meeting was held, with representatives from the Highways department at Denbighshire County Council in attendance. Len Cater from Arriva sent apologies, along with correspondence which concluded that the simple proposals suggested in the previous meeting would not be sufficient to allow Arriva to continue serving the High Street without Denbighshire County Council carrying out works to ease congestion.

Arriva have however pledged that as soon as work to ease the congestion in Dyserth High Street is completed by Denbighshire County Council they will look to reinstate the route.

Following this disappointing development, Denbighshire County Council have pledged to pursue the initial investigatory work needed to remedy the congestion. Dr James Davies will be working with local Councillors, the community and Denbighshire County Officers to ensure this is pursued as a key priority.

A emergency minibus shuttle service, operated by Coastline Taxis and funded by DCC and Dyserth community council, was due to commence on 27th March to link lower Dyserth to the High Street.  This will initially run for three months while work to tackle the congestion continues.