Visiting Parliament



The Palace of Westminster is an outstanding building and the home of Parliament. James can arrange for constituents to tour the Houses of Parliament by applying for a special permit. If you would be interested in visiting Westminster please email to arrange a tour.

Please note that tours of Westminster are very popular and can get booked up very quickly, sometimes months in advance. Please ensure you plan well in advance and provide a range of dates to avoid disappointment. Do not book travel or accommodation until your tour has been confirmed.


School Trips

Parliament has an Education Service which aims to inform, engage and empower young people to understand, and get involved in, the work of Parliament, politics and democracy.

School Trips to Parliament

The Centre, which is situated at the North End of Victoria Tower Gardens, is a new world-class education facility that inspires and connects young people with Parliament and democracy. It is a dynamic, stimulating environment, distinct from the school environment. It makes use of creative and immersive technology to create a unique learning experience that generates a sense of anticipation in groups entering the space, and from which groups depart feeling inspired and excited about their Parliament.

The service runs a range of educational programmes and activities.  This exciting purpose-built learning facility will house Parliament themed workshop rooms and state of the art technology, including a 360 projection space, bringing Parliament events to life.

Booking a visit

To book a visit please call 0207 219 4496.

Travel Subsidy

There is also a transport subsidy available for eligible schools to support the cost of the visit to Parliament.  Our constituency, Vale of Clwyd, falls within band C which allows for a 75% subsidy of receipted travel costs to be reclaimed by the school, up to a maximum of £1600. Travel can only be claimed once in a fiscal year.

For more information regarding the travel subsidy please visit


Online Tours

If you are unable to get to Westminster you can still have a look around as Parliament has developed a series of virtual tours for you to explore some of its famous buildings and learn about the work and history of Parliament. The tours can be accessed by clicking this link: